In Full View: 6 Women On Their Visible Differences

In Full View: 6 Women On Their Visible Differences

What a way to start the 2021! Our jewels have been featured in an incredible project - a collaboration between Refinery29 and Dove. 

In partnership with Dove and their No Digital Distortion initiative – their commitment to always portray women as they are in real life and never use manipulated or unachievable images of ‘perfect’ beauty – Refinery29 have teamed up with some incredible women to spotlight how they’ve learned to embrace or love their differences, or perhaps create a sense of neutrality towards them.

The video series features Michelle Mandere, a psoriasis awareness advocate, Cheryl Shaw, self-love advocate, Angela Selvarajah, a model who has vitiligo, Isobel-Rose Bailey, who has alopecia universalis, Joanne Dion, a model who has albinism and Raiche Mederick, burns survivor and ambassador for the Scar Free Foundation. Their stories are authentic, real and vulnerable, and we were honoured to jewel up them.

Big thank you to entire team who worked on this incredible project, and special thanks to Kashmir Wickham for choosing our pieces for styling these incredible women. 

Editorial Direction: @catesevilla
Creative Direction: @amelia_bowe
Executive Producer: @kirstyfmac
Producer: @kylaleela
Director: @keziahquarcoo
Cinematographer: @ameliahazlerigg
Lighting: @edelgardner
Set Design: @sheenabrobbey
Hair: @rohmempire
Hair Assistant: Larisa Moldovan
MUA: @minnie_mua
MUA Assistant: Sarah Sordillo
Styling: @kashmirwickhamstylist
Styling Assistant: Paige Griffith
Set Design Assistant: Sarah Cotterell
Set Builder: Michael Price
Nail Artist: @kione.g.nails
Sound Recordist: @miazipporah
DIT: Martine Skogstad
Video Editor: @so__mii
Sound Designer: Guy Chase
Colourist: Benjamin Rozario
Casting Director: Natalie Gil
1st AC: Maiya Rose
Focus Puller: Eve Careno
2nd Loader: Molly Burcham
Spark: Sabrina Corda
Spark: Izzie Jones

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