You know your value and that's why you deserve only the best! You appreciate originality and uniqueness because you just don't like to be "like everyone else". 

We can relate! We are brother and sister duo, who love originality. We believe that everyone is one-of-a-kind and so should be your jewels.

Fun fact: because the brand is named after me (Jolita), everyone thinks I'm the designer. But it's my brother Algis, who's the visionary and maker behind the brand. I'm just lucky to have such a talented brother and love spending my days playing with jewels, taking pictures, attending the photoshoots and working with You, our customer.

Our journey started with a dream a little while ago... For about a week Algis had a recurring dream of an unusual looking bracelet, something that he’s never seen before. Towards the end of the week the dream became so tiring he asked a friend to take him to the shop where he could buy some materials to make a bracelet. After his visit to a bead shop in Beak Street, London he never looked back and encouraged by Jolita, the brand was born.

From our studio in London, UK, we explore the beauty of colours and patterns in search of inspiration to create opulent statement jewels that leave a lasting impression. 

Inspired by flowers, travels, old and new as well as everyday surroundings, Algis creates colourful statement pieces adding his own twist. The entire process from concept to meticulously hand-making each piece incorporates the passion for edgy style, featuring opulence, extravagance and self-expression. We pay great attention to details, because it’s the small things that make a big difference. Algis carefully chooses materials for their beauty and quality, striving for a perfect balance between wearable art and craftsmanship. 

Personalisation has always been an important part of our journey. Private clients around the world enjoy specially designed Jolita pieces. Once we have created a mini collection of statement jewels for the member of the Royal Family from the Middle East. But as our high-profile clients value their privacy, we say no more. 

We are constantly evolving by learning new techniques that we apply to our work in order to continue creating pieces that wow.

Each piece is designed for a strong woman, who likes standing out from the crowd, someone who’s bold in their personality and not afraid to be seen and talked about. You breath life into our creations. Without you, our pieces are just objects of desire. 

Ready to get those heads turning? Check our selection of one-of-a-kind pieces or reach out for a bespoke design.