NEW long necklaces with crystal pendants

We have added a few new necklaces to our Aristocrat collection.

The new pieces are perfect for summer, as they are all long necklaces, embellished with big crystal pendants that sure to attract the attention!
Check them out sparkling in the sunshine below:

Nicolette pearl necklace is handcrafted from lustrous pearls and strung with a sizeable crystal pendant. The pendant is handmade by layering scores of glistening crystals together to make a noticeable feature. It's a great piece to layer with your favourite daintier chains. Looking for a dazzling jewel to match? We have quite a few to choose from in our Aristocrat collection: choose from available earrings or bracelets

Monique flower necklace is a complete opposite to Nicolette, as it's entirely black. Made with black beads and pearls, the necklace features a big flower, subtly embellished with scores of small black beads. Don't underestimate this necklace though! The little beads give out beautiful sparkles on a sunny day. 

Margaux pearl necklace - This sparkly one-of-a-kind necklace is handcrafted mixing crystals, beads, lustrous pearls and embellished with a sizeable crystal pendant. The pendant is handmade by layering scores of glistening crystals together to make an eye-catching feature. Beware of the blinding sparkles on a sunny day! 

Francine pearl necklace - last but by no means least, this necklace is different to the other three. Handmade from several rows of grey and black pearls and beads, the necklace is dotted with a few colourful pearls. The piece is contrasted with a rainbow of crystals, handmade by using several layers to create this vibrant ornate pendant. Created over a period of days, this is a great way to inject some colour into your outfit! 

Hope you like them and if you're interested in a similar piece created just for you - please get in touch

Long pearl necklaces by Jolita Jewellery embellished with luxury crystal pendants