The Power of Acceptance: Jolita Jewellery Pieces in the 'Beauty Behind Down Syndrome' Editorial in Cosmopolitan Hungary

Jolita Jewellery was recently featured in the editorial "The Beauty Behind Down Syndrome" published in Cosmopolitan Hungary.

The editorial explores the concept of beauty standards in today's society with the core message "love to learn yourself the way you are". It highlights the fact that everyone, regardless of their differences, is beautiful in their own way.

As the World Down Syndrome Day approaches on March 21st, it is an opportunity for us to reflect on our attitudes towards those who are different from us. We should celebrate our differences and respect and treat everyone with kindness and compassion. Full editorial can be seen here

A model with Down Syndrome is wearing a crystal headband by Jolita Jewellery, with the intricate details of the headband visible. The model is smiling and looking confident, with her hair styled in loose waves. The background is blurred, with a soft focus on the model and the headband.

Thank you to the incredible team who worked on this editorial:
Photographer: @zuzu.valla 
Creative Direction/Stylist: @RebekahRoy_
Model: Beth Matthews @zebedeetalent
Hair: @timothyfurssedonn 
Makeup: @michellewebbmakeup
Cosmopolitan Bulgaria @cosmopolitanhungary